How to Get Ink Off of Leather Shoe

Many different shoes are made of leather. Sneakers, dress shoes and women's pumps are all commonly made of leather because of it's durability and flexible nature however leather can be difficult to clean and ink stains pose a significant problem for those who want their shoes to be clean and fresh looking at all times. Removing an ink stain from leather shoes can be risky, but using rubbing alcohol can safely remove ink stains from most leather shoes.

Take a microfiber cloth and dip it into a bit of rubbing alcohol. You do not want the cloth to be soaked in alcohol just damp.

Rub across the stain with the cloth in circular motions. You will begin to see the stain lift. Continue rubbing lightly until the stain is completely removed.

Take the second microfiber cloth and dampen it with water. Rub dove soap onto the dampened cloth and rub it over the surface that was stained. The entire stain should be removed but the soap helps to get the excess alcohol off.

Dry the area off with a dry towel and inspect the shoe for any additional ink marks or left over stain. If there is any left over stain repeat the steps until it is completely removed.

Leather sneakers respond best to this treatment, but it also works well on couches and other leather products.