How to Polish Suede Shoes

by Justin Obrien

Everyday wear can make your suede shoes dirty. From spilling things on them to just picking up dirt from outside can stain and leave your suede shoes dull. Suede is a much different material than most leather shoes. It requires specific supplies to clean and polish it effectively, but this can easily be done at home to save yourself from paying a professional to polish your suede shoes.

Items you will need

  • White vinegar
  • Microfiber towel
  • Suede brush
  • Pencil

Polishing Suede Shoes

Step 1

Erase stains on your suede with a standard eraser on a pencil.

Step 2

Apply white vinegar to the microfiber towel and scrub your entire suede shoe in a circular motion to remove any stains and put the finishing touches on your suede shoe polishing job.

Step 3

Allow the suede shoes to air dry for a day.

Step 4

Wipe your suede shoes down completely with a special suede brush you can purchase from any shoe store.


  • Cleaning suede can be touchy though; before you clean your entire shoe with a product, test how it cleans on the inner side of the shoe in case you would stain the shoe worse. If you absolutely want to use soap over vinegar to clean your suede shoe, only use glycerin soap.

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