The Difference Between Loose & Relaxed Fit Jeans

by Mona Prestenbach ; Updated September 28, 2017

Jeans are worn for work and play by men and women everyday.

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Jeans are worn casually and at work. There is a jean for every occasion. Comfort in the fit determines which jean is the better choice. Relaxed fit and loose fit jeans both have their place in fashion.

Loose Fit

Loose fit jeans continue in form through the seat, thigh, and down through the legs of the jean. This creates less shape in the jean. With this design the loose fit jean is worn easily over boots and still allows movement.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit jeans continue in form through the seat, thigh, and then tapers at the knee. This fit is more relaxed in the thigh region and still offers shape in the jean. This design allows for comfort but is not baggy.

Other Fits

The function of the jean is stated in the fit. Loose fit jeans are as stated "loose" throughout the fit of the jean. Relaxed fit jeans are "relaxed" in the thigh of the jean. Other fits are "bootcut" which are functional with boots. The purpose of "skinny" jeans are to fit tightly.

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