How to Prevent Polyester Pants From Sticking to Your Body

Green Plastic Spray Bottle

fusaromike/iStock/Getty Images

Polyester pants may look good and be easy to care for, but when they stick to your body, it can be annoying and embarrassing. The pants cling to your legs because of static, which increases when the air is dry. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk around all day constantly de-sticking your polyester trousers from your body. You can keep the pants from clinging and flowing freely on your skin.

Wash the pants properly before wearing them. Use fabric softener in the wash and a dryer sheet in the dryer to help keep static cling at bay.

Rub lotion on your legs prior to putting on the pants. This keeps the dryness away and keeps the pants from sticking to your legs.

Fill a spray bottle with three parts warm water and one part fabric softener. Shake the bottle, then lightly spritz your polyester pants with the solution right before you put them on or while you're wearing them, to further help to keep the pants from clinging.

Bend a metal or wire coat hanger so that it's straight. Glide the hanger between your skin and the pants to get rid of the electric charge that is causing your pants to cling.