How to Stretch Suede

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Suede products demand attention to ensure proper care and an ideal fit. Stretching out a pair or suede pants or shoes, for example, can make the difference between fashion items you keep and those you give away or sell. The trick to stretching suede--a soft form of leather--is to wear the items beforehand to identify exactly where the fabric requires stretching. Over-stretching--especially in the wrong areas--may only add to the problem, so take note when wearing suede fabrics.

Put on the suede pants or shoes. Walk around, bend your knees, curl your feet and move your body in ways that test the flexibility of the suede. Note the areas that need stretching.

Apply suede conditioning cream or stretch spray to the tight areas. Rub cream into the fabric with a soft, clean cloth. Follow cream and spray labels for application instructions. Apply only half the amount specified by the instructions while wearing the pants or shoes. Purchase creams and sprays at your local leather clothing shop or fabric store.

Remove the pants or shoes and apply the remaining amount of cream or spray. Stuff newspaper into the shoes to keep them expanded while drying commences.

Place the pants or shoes in a warm room above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow 24 hours for the cream or spray to dry and stretch the fabric. Put the pants or shoes back on and repeat the steps if tightness remains. Hot temperatures make suede expand.