How to Stretch AE Jeans


Jeans can be very expensive and never fit the same way after you buy them. If you put your jeans in the dryer even for a few minutes, they can shrink severely because denim is made from 100 percent cotton. If you have pants that have shrunk in the dryer or you have simply outgrown your denim wear, there is a way to stretch them up to one size larger. American Eagle is a clothing company that specializes in jeans for everyday wear. Like most 100 percent cotton jeans, they will shrink if put in the dryer or held under heat for a long period of time. If you would like to adjust your jeans to your current size, follow these tips to stretch your American Eagle jeans.

Wash your jeans in the washing machine with warm water. This will loosen the material and allow the denim to become pliable.

Lay the jeans flat on an ironing board. Do not dry the jeans--simply take them out of the washing machine, wring them out and place them on the ironing board.

Let the jeans dry overnight. Do not wear jeans until they are completely dry.

Place jeans on, even if they are a little tight. Fill a spray bottle with water and spray any area that feels tight on you. Move around the room and spread your legs open as wide as possible, sit in all kinds of positions and attempt to stretch the jeans in any area that feels snug.

Take the jeans off and place them on the ironing board again. Allow them to dry overnight.