How to Shrink Wrangler Jeans

by Savannah McDermott ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Even if your body is of an average size and build, you may still find your supposed "perfect size" of Wrangler jeans a little too loose in the waist or too baggy through the thighs. You can try getting a better fit by buying Wranglers just a touch too big and shrinking them. Some styles of Wrangler jeans contain spandex or polyester for shaping or stretch; these materials resist shrinking. For the best results, choose a style made of 100% cotton.

Step 1

Wash your jeans in a separate load in very hot water for a long cycle.

Step 2

Dry your jeans on a hot setting, and run them in the dryer for an extra few minutes after they have dried completely.

Step 3

If you want your jeans to be even more snug, try boiling them. Dry them again on high for two full cycles.


  • Even after you shrink your jeans, they're likely to stretch out again. The best way to maintain snugness is to wash and dry them regularly.

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