How to Cut a Hooded Sweatshirt

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Sometimes your favorite sweatshirt just doesn't fit the way it used to. Give it new life with a few simple cuts. By simply eliminating the seams around the neck and the waist, you can find not only a new fit, but a new look as well.

Choose a hooded sweatshirt that may be too tight around the neck or the waist is a little too snug. Be sure the rest of the sweatshirt, though, is comfortable.

Decide what you want to be able to wear the cut hoodie for. Do you want to be able to wear it to the gym, in which case it just needs to fit? Or do you plan on wearing it as part of an outfit, in which case you need to be more careful with your cuts?

Lay the sweatshirt on a hard, flat surface before beginning to cut. Be sure all of the creases and wrinkles are out so you make even cuts. Be sure the hood isn't causing the shirt to bunch up around the neck.

Smooth out the seam of the part of the sweatshirt you want to cut. For example, if you are going to cut off the elastic waist, find the top of the elastic band where the band meets the shirt and be sure it is laying flat.

Cut upward from the bottom of the elastic band until you reach the seam. This should take less then one full cut of the scissors. Once you reach the seam, slowly cut along it for the length of the sweatshirt. If you want a more worn look, once you reach the seam you can slowly tear the elastic band away from the shirt. This will likely cause it to fray.

Repeat a similar process for cutting out the neck of a hooded sweatshirt. The band around the neck, however, will be smaller so you need to be more precise when cutting. If you aren't worried about looks and are just going for comfort, forget about worrying about the seams and just begin cutting around the seam to get the fit you are looking for.