How to Extend a Neck Hole on a Hoodie

by Maxwell Payne ; Updated September 28, 2017

A hoodie is a pullover or zip up sweatshirt with a hood connected to the back of the neck. The neck hole opening can be stretched if you want either a larger opening for your head to fit through, a more comfortable fit or a loose style look. Some might call this custom fitting your hoodie, giving the hoodie a fit uniquely made by you.

Wash the hoodie in a cold water to loosen up the fabric.

Allow the hoodie to air dry until it is only partially damp.

Grasp the front of the neck opening with one hand and the back of the neck opening with the other hand. If the hoodie is a zip up hoodie, make sure to fully zip the hoodie before proceeding.

Gently but firmly pull your hands away from each other so that the neck opening expands. Do this slowly as not to rip or tear the hoodie. Continue gently pulling and hold the neck opening wide for a few minutes.

Release the hoodie and grasp the left side of the neck opening with one hand. Grasp the right side with the other hand. Repeat the pulling method and hold it open wide for a few minutes.

Try on the hoodie to see if the neck hole is extended. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 as needed to get the desired wideness.


  • If you want a hoodie look with the cut front (which looks like the hoodie was ripped from the front of the neck downwards) use scissors to cut from the front top of the neck hole about two inches down the front of the hoodie.

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