How to Make Boots Stiff

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Dress and work boots can be quite firm after they are first purchased, but tend to lose their natural stiffness after time and extensive wear. Several methods will help preserve that stiff feeling or prevent and slow the natural softening of boots. Most methods are relatively inexpensive and can be performed without much difficulty.

Slow the softening process of boots by stuffing them with newspaper or paper towels after wearing them, and leave them in until you put them on again. This will help the boots retain their shape and keep the fabric stiff even after they have been worn for some time.

Purchase a plastic insert for your boot that clings to the inside of the footwear and holds the boot up properly. Not all boot styles and manufacturers sell plastic inserts, and they can cause discomfort if worn for too long at a time.

Regularly apply spray-on starch to your boots after purchasing to keep the boots stiff. Spray-on starch is inexpensive and can be purchased at most grocery and hardware supply stores.