How to Care for Gore-Tex Boots

Gore-Tex boots are built to last. The fabric is waterproof and created to stand up to extreme conditions. However, you will need to take a few basic measures to care for your Gore-Tex boots. Simply shaking them out to remove excess dirt and dust, cleaning with warm water, drying properly, and waterproofing when necessary will keep a pair of Gore-Tex boots in the best of shape.

Remove excess dirt from the inside by shaking out the Gore-Tex boots. Take them outside, turn them upside down, and shake. Remove the foot bed, if necessary, and shake it out to get rid of any trapped dirt and gravel.

Clean the exterior of Gore-Tex boots using a clean cotton cloth or soft brush and warm water. Dip the cloth or brush into the water, and then apply using circular motions to the outside of the boots.

Dry the Gore-Tex boots with a convection-style boot dryer, if you have one available, or place them under an electric fan to dry at room temperature. Dry them thoroughly after cleaning, or any time they become wet, before you wear them again.

Waterproof your Gore-Tex boots only after the original waterproof membrane begins to come off. This typically happens with time and/or heavy use. Purchase a footwear proofer specifically formulated for use with Gore-Tex fabric and use according to the manufacturer’s directions.