How to Loosen up Army Boots That Are too Tight


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Nothing is more uncomfortable than boots that are too tight, causing painful blisters on your feet. Army boots are worn by both men and women and whether you're wearing them for fashion or utilitarian purposes, comfort is key. Loosen up your combat boots by trying a few different ways to add some give. Break the boots in around the house before you wear them out and end up in pain.

Walk around the house or yard in your new boots. Wearing your boots is the easiest way to break them in, but take them off after a few minutes. Gradually build up the amount of time you wear the boots for to ensure you don't hurt your feet. Wear comfortable, thick socks to cushion your feet and help stretch the boots out even more.

Stretch them yourself, using one of a couple ways. You can purchase shoe or boot stretchers at a shoe store, or you can use rolled up towels. Roll up thick towels and stick one in each boot and store them this way when you aren't wearing them. Not only will the boots retain their shape, but the leather will also be eased into accommodating added stretch.

Loosen the leather with your hands. Use your fingers to form creases around the toe portion of the boot. Keep using your hands to bend the boots until the material has become a bit softer and looser. Creasing the leather creates a looser fit and the boots will be more comfortable to wear after this is done several times.

Call a professional cobbler or shoe repair store. They often have tools in-house that are just for this purpose. If home remedies to loosen your tight boots don't work and you need to wear them soon, a professional can loosen and stretch them for you in a matter of hours.