How to Stretch the Calf of Ugg Boots

Brian Smith, an Australian surfer, introduced Ugg boots to America in 1978 as an entirely new brand of footwear. People recognize Ugg boots for their versatility as a shoe and for their comfort. While most boots have a relaxed fit around the leg, some boots will be tighter or looser around the calf, depending upon the calf size. Ugg boots will stretch naturally around the calf with normal wear, as leather is a natural product and it will respond to the catalyst of your calf by expanding and elongating. There are, however, ways for you to expedite the stretching process.

Spray the leather stretching substance on your Ugg boots, focusing around the calf and the mouth of the calf.

Tug gently at the mouth of the calf as the spray soaks into the leather. Continue softly pulling at the mouth of the boots for a few minutes.

Put on the Ugg boots and wear them for a few hours. Try to remain active while you are wearing the boots, doing activities where you walk or climb stairs, anything that allows your calf muscle to bend and flex.

Slip something into the calf of each boot which has a comparable diameter to your calf—or slightly larger—when you sleep at night. For example: use a vase. By morning, the calves of the boots should have adjusted.