How to Change the Color of Clothes Without Bleach

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If you like the faded, worn-out look for your clothing, don't use bleach and risk ruining your favorite pair of jeans. There are several different ways you can lighten your clothing quickly or over a longer period of time. The method you use to change the color of your clothes depends on what type of material they are made of. For instance, a pair of jeans, made of sturdy denim, can take a beating, but a thin blouse needs to be treated over time.

Place a piece of clothing in a sunny window for three weeks to a month to make the colors fade. Leave the clothing out longer if it isn't faded enough to your liking, or hang it on a tree outside to make it fade even faster. The sun, in addition to rain and snow, will cause the color to fade.

Smooth out an article of clothing of a thick, sturdy material such as denim out on the floor. Rub the clothing with a piece of fine grit sandpaper for 30 minutes to sand away the coloring in the denim. Sand longer in certain spots to make the color even lighter.

Place the clothes you want to lighten in the washing machine and wash them repeatedly on a hot water setting. Wash the clothes three times, remove them from the washing machine and put them in the dryer on the high heat setting. Repeat this process until the clothes have faded to your liking.