How to Fix Holes in Jeans Without Sewing

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Damage to jeans occurs for many reasons like normal wear and tear or you may have ripped them as you rubbed against a sharp edge. Whatever the reason for the holes, you don’t have to become a fashion designer and make them into a pair of jean shorts. You don’t have to throw the jeans away either. Instead, you can fix holes in jeans -- without using needle, thread or a sewing machine. Using patches to eliminate the holes in jeans takes less time and skill. There’s no threading a needle, sewing fabric or hoping that your work stays in place -- permanently.

Purchase fabric patches that match the hue of your jeans. You can generally find fabric patches at your local grocery store or retail outlet.

Turn the jeans inside out. You want the inside of the jeans -- the part of your jeans that show when you’re wearing them -- facing you.

Turn on the iron to allow enough time for it to warm up. It typically takes about five minutes for an iron to become hot. The iron must hot enough to melt the fabric patch onto your jeans.

Spread the jeans onto a hard surface such as an ironing board.

Prepare the jeans. You want to close the hole as much as you can. For example, if the hole has fabric hanging or loose, frayed ends, straighten the piece out so that it doesn’t hinder you from covering the entire hole in the jeans.

Position the patch over the hole of the jeans. Press the hot iron onto the patch and the jeans to secure it in place. Hold the hot iron in place for approximately 10 seconds to test it. You want to make sure the patch is melting into the jeans. Place the hot iron on the jeans for another 25 seconds to permanently heat the patch onto the jeans. Let the jeans sit for about three minutes to cool off.