How to Make My Converse Look Old Fast

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Giving clothes the weathered and worn look is popular amongst individuals who want a more earthy and edgy look. If you are looking to make a brand new pair of shoes look old, there are a number of ways to induce fading and turn them into into your favorite pair of old-looking shoes.

Try washing your shoes in cold water either in a washing machine or by hand to make the colors bleed. Bleeding makes the material look more faded, thereby giving it an older look.

Use sandpaper to sand areas of the shoe down to give them a worn look where desired. Sand gently and beware of sanding too much, as this can create holes in your shoes.

Let your shoes soak in a lukewarm water bath to allow the color in the shoes to bleed. Toss the shoes in the dryer or let them dry in the sun to promote more fading.