How to Clean New Balance Tennis Shoes

old tennis shoe image by Galina Barskaya from

New Balance tennis shoes are among the most popular footwear donned by athletes and sports enthusiasts. Doing active and outdoor activities such as hiking, running and rock climbing may cause the wear and tear of your shoes. Dirt, mud and dust can accumulate and ruin the appearance of your shoes and cause it to have a foul odor. You need to clean your tennis shoes from time to time to keep its durability. Cleaning a pair of New Balance tennis shoes is simple and easy.

Remove the shoelaces of your tennis shoes. Your shoelaces should be cleaned separately. Inspect the dirt that has accumulated in your shoes, particularly the soles and upper part of your tennis shoes where the shoelaces are inserted. Dirt can easily get stuck there.

Brush the mud off the shoes by using an old toothbrush. If your shoes have collected a lot of mud, wait for the mud to dry before removing it. It is easier to take off the mud if it is dry.

Mix warm water with a dollop of soap. Dip a rag into the mixture and wipe away the dirt and stains on your shoes using a circular motion. Using a circular motion will prevent the dirt from spreading out. Do not apply too much pressure as it would ruin the material of the shoes. Rub it lightly until the stains have disappeared. You may also use baking soda to make white tennis shoes look whiter.

Get another rag and dip it in vinegar. This will be used to remove scruff marks on your shoes. Rub the rag lightly on the shoes. When the marks have disappeared, rinse the shoes in warm water. Dry the shoes under direct sunlight.

Wash shoelaces using a washing machine. You may also dry it under the sun. When the shoelaces and shoes are dry, tie the shoelaces back to the shoes. Coat your shoes with water and stain protector which can prevent your tennis shoes from getting a lot of dirt and stains.