The Best Clothing Styles for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ladies with inverted-triangle body shapes are wider up top and slimmer through the waist and hips. Generally, a woman with an inverted-triangle shape has shoulders or a bust that measure about five percent larger than her hips. The key to looking your best is to pick pieces that will play down your strong shoulders and create soft, feminine curves. A few simple styling tricks will show off your frame in no time.

Play Up Your Bottom Half

Add shape to your bottom half with a few optical illusions. Voluminous bottoms like harem pants, wide-leg pants and full skirts will do the trick. Wear a print on your bottom half to balance out your frame -- horizontal stripes are particularly effective as they instantly widen you. Up top, sport a solid shade. Bright colors work like prints -- they draw the eye downward which instantly proportions your frame. Pair your brightly-colored bottom with a darker colored top for an added bonus.

Define Your Waist

Anything that gives you a waist is ideal, so opt for cinched tops and cropped jackets. If you have a more flowy top or dress, belt it to create a waist. Wrap tops and dresses fit inverted triangles well; because they come with a waist tie, they’re easy to adjust and can give you more room up top if you need it. They also provide for extra space if you have a larger bust. High-waist bottoms also draw attention to your waist. Tuck a top into your high-waist piece and add a thick, eye-catching belt to further define your middle.

Jewelry Tricks

Bold necklaces are ideal for inverted triangles. Long necklaces draw attention toward the center of the body which slims out your upper half. Beaded necklaces and longer medallions are not only fashionable, but also trick the eye to instantly make your frame more proportioned. Statement belts also pull this illusion off, so accent your waist with a bold, thick buckle.

Soften Your Shape

Feminine details give your upper half a more feminine shape; be careful, however, not to add bulk -- drapey fabrics work best, so slip on fine knits and silks. V-necks show off your great cleavage and also draw the eye inward. Avoid anything with strong shoulders, which will only further define your wider upper body. This doesn't, however, mean that you can't show off your shoulders, so wear spaghetti straps and other strapless styles with confidence.