How to Make a Bandana Bracelet

LJohnson adaptation

Those big bandanna cuff bracelets you see on men and women are easy to make. You can create a bandanna bracelet in five minutes, and have a great casual look. In fact, you can use any handkerchief or cloth square to make a fashionable fabric cuff for your wrist. When your bandanna bracelet becomes soiled, you can pop it in the washer, and start fresh the next time you want to wear it.

Spread your bandanna out on a flat surface.

Fold the bandanna in half as a triangle.

Start with the tip of the triangle and begin making tight folds lengthwise. You should end up with a long narrow strip of folded fabric.

Leave an inch of the folded bandanna loose on the underside of your wrist, and wrap the rest of it tightly around your wrist again and again until there is just enough left on the end to tie to the loose strip on the other end.


Tie the ends together in a knot and poke the tails inside the fabric cuff. If you wish, you can secure the knot with a big safety-pin and leave it showing, for extra "attitude."