Tips on Wearing Hats for Men With Long Hair

Men with long hair have many options with not only what type of hat they wear, but also what to do with their long locks once they place a cap on their heads. Males who have dedicated the amount of time to growing their hair will most certainly want to find ways to show it off, while allowing themselves to still wear a hat.


While accomplishing a more artistic look, some men wear a top hat slightly tilted up. Their hair is left to hang down in front of their face. This style is appropriate for men whose bangs fall to just above their jawline. Actor Johnny Depp has been interviewed on several occasions while sporting the look. The hair in the back is left loose while the bangs fall to either side of his face.

Collected Hair

Men who don't have hair that goes down approximately to their shoulders can put their hair into a bun, or simply collect it at the top of their head before putting the hat on. This keeps their hair out of the way, while allowing them to wear the hat. The method doesn't work for hair that is too long because it won't fit in the space between the top of your head and the top of the hat.

Behind the Ears

Men with long hair who choose not to put the hair into a bun and who want to have their locks out of their face often tuck the hair behind their ears. This keeps the hair out of their face but it still flows behind their head. This style was sported by Silent Bob, from the "Jay and Silent Bob" series of movies. Silent Bob wore a backwards baseball cap.


While not particularly fashionable in the new millennium, many men in the 1980s and '90s tied their hair into a ponytail and put on a baseball cap. The ponytail was then pushed through the open back of the hat. This look allowed the men to comfortably wear the baseball hat and it kept the hair neat. The hat was worn tight to the head so that the opening in the back was low enough for the ponytail to fit into.