How to Care for a Wool Felt Hat

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Wool felt is created when wool fibers are steamed with hot water, causing the fibers to shrink and interlock. The resulting, interlocked fibers produce a strong, high quality fabric that is used to create hats and other clothing items. Although this material is durable and long lasting, felt must be cared for properly in order to ensure its lasting performance. When adequately cared for and maintained, hats and other items made from wool felt should last for many years.


Lay your hat upside down when setting it on a surface, rather than laying it down on its brim. This is important, since laying your hat on its brim could cause your hat to flatten or otherwise lose its shape.

Hang your hat on a hat hanger or place it in a hat box when storing it overnight or longer. This will help your hat to maintain its overall shape.

Grab your hat by the crown, not by the brim, when removing it from your head. This will help maintain the shape of the brim.

Avoid exposing your hat to high heat or humidity, as this could damage the felt fibers. For example, do not place your hat near a stove, heater or in a hot vehicle.

Flip up the sweatband of your hat after your hat has become damp from sweat, rain or hair products. To do this, lay your hat upside down on a flat surface and flip up the band found around the inside of the hat. Allow the hat to dry completely before it is worn again.


Remove dirt from your hat by brushing it with a hat brush designed for felt hats. Beginning on one side of the hat, brush the fabric in short, directional strokes, working toward the other side of the hat.

Tear off a small piece of masking tape and gently tap the sticky side against the surface of the hat. This will remove any remaining lint left by the hat brush.

Slightly dampen a clean cloth. Wipe the hat in short, directional strokes working from one side of the hat toward the other side. Allow the hat to dry completely before wearing it.