How to Prevent Hair Breakage From Wool Hats

Woman in cap and scarf

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Wool hats can used to breakage over time when used regularly. This is because they draw moisture away from the hair, leaving hair brittle and susceptible to breakage. In addition, they cause friction that can break your hair off in spots, so you must use proactive measures in order to assure that your hair remains healthy, moisturized and in tact.

Use preventative measures to keep hair resistant to breaking off from wool or dryness. Since hair can easily dry out over the winter and wool pulls additional moisture away, it is best to moisturize regularly. Using a deep conditioner on a weekly basis will keep locks hydrated as well as a light moisturizer daily as you style your hair.

Line your hat with silk or satin to keep your hair protected from the harm that wool can cause that may lead to breakage. If you're not a do-it-yourself kind of girl, you may be able to find a dry cleaner that will do it for you. There are also hats that do come pre-lined as well.

Wear a silk or satin scarf under your wool hat to keep your hair from having direct contact with the wool. Not only will this method prevent breakage and loss of moisture; this will keep your hair style in tact, prevent "hat hair" and relieve the friction that wool will normally cause when in contact with your hair which can ultimately lead to breakage.