How to Make a Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap at Home

stepping into the dead sea image by Marzeev Andrey from

If you can't take a quick trip to the Dead Sea in Israel to soak up the over 20 health-enhancing minerals the water has to offer, bring the natural healing spa's benefits home to you with a Dead Sea mud body wrap. You can purchase Dead Sea mud products from online herbal, clay or cosmetics retailers in either pre-packaged forms that are ready for immediate use, or dry forms that you can mix with water and apply directly to your face and body. According to Chicago-based dermatologist Imar Levy, Dead Sea mud masks may deep-cleanse and tighten skin's pores and leave skin moisturized and revitalized through the process of reverse osmosis.

Mix about 2 lbs. of Dead Sea mud mix with 1 pint of water in a large bowl or pot until the mixture reaches a glue-like consistency. Add more water if necessary.

Use a large rubber spatula, wooden spoon or your fingertips to apply the mud mixture to your whole body in a thin, even layer. Start at your neck and work your way down to your arms, stomach and legs. If possible, have someone else apply the mixture to your back.

Wrap your body in warm towels, plastic wrap or thin cotton sheets. The sheets should be wrapped securely around your body, but should not be so tight that you feel uncomfortable or that your circulation is being cut off.

Rub the Dead Sea mud mixture onto your feet and wrap your feet. Apply the mixture to your hands and wrap your hands.

Lie down on a bed or sofa in a warm room and cover yourself with a blanket or robe. Place a glass of water next to the bed so you can stay hydrated throughout the resting part of the body wrap.

Remain sedentary for one hour, and then remove the wrapping from your body.

Shower as usual to remove the Dead Sea mud residue.