How to Salt Pig Tails

Smiling girl with pigtails

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Pig tails contain tender and fatty meat. When properly cured, or salted, the pig tails make delightful additions to a variety of recipes from soups and casseroles to sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres. Salting your own pig tails at home proves to be a simple process that even the novice cook can complete, making your comfort food recipes even more home-cooked.

Fill a one gallon jar with water.

Add about a pound of table salt to the jar. Stir it with a long spoon to disperse the salt throughout the water to create a brine solution.

Add a pound of fresh pig tails to the jar containing the brine solution.

Cap the jar and put it in your refrigerator.

Allow the jar containing the pig tails and brine solution approximately 48 hours to sit in the fridge.