Ways to Wear Scarves to Hide Surgery Scars

smiling scarf image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from Fotolia.com

Surgery scars can stick around well after the operation is over. Utilizing a scarf is a simple way to cover scars while they heal and removes any self-consciousness or worry you feel while in public. Use lightweight scarves in silk or silk blends to wear on the head or around the neck so you will be comfortable indoors and the scarf will hang properly.

Hankerchief-Style Scarf

If you are trying to conceal a face-lift or that you had your ear pinned, be gentle when securing a scarf and never leave it too tight. You should be able to comfortably fit a finger inside any part of the scarf at all times. For best results, fold a large scarf in half diagonally, bringing the two opposite ends together. Lean your head forward (facing down) and wrap the folded side of the scarf across your forehead. Bring your head upright and secure the scarf at the nape of the neck. You can wear your hair down or pull it into a low bun.

Headband-Style Scarf

To go for a headband-style look, fold a scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Begin folding the scarf from the pointed to the folded side in 2- to 3-inch sections, making sure the fold is pressed down tightly. Once you have a band-style scarf, flip your head (facing down) and wrap it at the nape of the neck. Because this creates a wide headband it is ideal to wear when the ears are pinned back or any neck surgery has taken place. This technique can also be used to create a neck scarf. Once the scarf is band-style, wrap it around your neck with a loose knot to secure it.

Neck Scarf

To mask scars on the neck or chest, use a large scarf. Loosely twist the scarf and wrap it at the neck, allowing the excess fabric to mask the scar. Another option is to fold the scarf diagonally, creating a triangle. Take the bottom two ends of the scarf and secure it behind the neck, allowing the remaining portion to hang forward to cover any scars on the neck or top of the chest. These styles are ideal for someone recovering from thyroid surgery.