How to Fold an Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket

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Eddie Bauer sells a wide variety of rain jackets to protect against harsh outdoor elements. The jackets are constructed of a breathable, water-repellent and wind-proof polyester material. The rain jackets are available in several traditional colors, such as slate grey, blue and black, depending on your wardrobe needs. If you're going on a trip or just want to organize your closet, fold the jacket in a way that makes the most of suitcase or storage space.

Zip the rain jacket up and spread it out on a flat surface zipper side up.

Fold the right sleeve diagonally across the body of the jacket. Next, fold the left sleeve diagonally across the jacket, crossing the sleeves in the center.

Fold the hood forward and over the front of the jacket.

Fold the jacket in half at the waistline. Bring the bottom hem up toward the center, over the hood and arms to create a neat, streamlined package.