Shipping a Dress Suit

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You may be moving and sending boxes to your destination, or sending your suit to be tailored or looked at by a professional for alteration. Regardless of the reason why you need to ship a suit, it's important to keep it in as good a condition as possible. You can ship the suit while minimizing wrinkles and keeping it in wearable condition.

Choose a box large enough to put the suit in without scrunching it up, but not so large that there's extra space for the suit to move around in. A wide, shallow box is a better choice than a deep box with too much space. Fill the box with packing peanuts until there's just enough room left for the suit.

Fold the suit pants at the seam and put the top half into the box, letting the legs hang out of the box for the time being.

Fold the suit's dress shirt so the sleeves fold in and cross each other. Lay the dress shirt on top of the pants in the box.

Pull the jacket inside out and gently push one shoulder into the other shoulder, keeping the lapels straight. To keep the shoulders from getting wrinkled, place balled-up plastic bags into them. Put the jacket into the box on top of the shirt.

Fold the bottom half of the pants over the jacket.

Close and seal the box with shipping tape. Write a shipping label and attach it to the box.