How to Remove Wrinkles on a Suit

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A wrinkled suit looks sloppy and unprofessional. Getting wrinkles out of your garments as soon as possible can help your clothing keep its shape and color. Always hang your suit up after wearing -- preferably on a wooden or padded hanger -- to keep it wrinkle-free. You can often remove wrinkles on suits at home with the help of steam. A professional dry cleaner may be required for tough jobs.

Read the care tag on your suit before you attempt any kind of wrinkle removal treatment. Depending on the material, your suit may be washable, or it may require dry cleaning only. Always heed the advice of the care tag to avoid damaging your clothing.

Hang your suit in the bathroom while you take a shower. Make sure the suit is far enough away from water sources to prevent water damage. The humidity in the air may be enough to remove light wrinkles from your suit.

Iron the wrinkles out of your suit. Add water to the steam well of your iron for best results and to prevent damage to the fabric. Place a soft white cloth on top of your suit before ironing to avoid burning the material. Adjust the iron temperature according to the fiber content of your suit jacket, skirt or trousers. Most irons have settings and a small chart to help you determine the appropriate temperature.

Press, rather than rub, the wrinkles out with the hot iron. Moving the iron back and forth may cause more wrinkles and could damage the fabric. Press the iron down firmly for several seconds; lift it up and move it to the next wrinkled area. Work in small sections, checking each part of the suit before rearranging the fabric on your ironing board to be sure you have not created new wrinkles.

Steam your suit to remove wrinkles. Use a handheld clothing or garment steamer that allows you to touch up your clothing while the garment is still on the hanger. Add the water to the steamer. Turn it on, and hold it 1 to 2 inches from your suit. Hold the fabric taut while you run the steamer over the wrinkled area.