How to Iron a Wool Suit

When ironing a wool suit, you must be very careful in order to avoid destroying the suit. If you're not careful, the iron can destroy your wool suit by scorching it or creating surface shine. To avoid spending a bunch of bucks at the dry cleaners on your wool suit, you can iron it at home. By following a simple, but meticulous procedure, you can successfully iron your wool suit without damaging it.

How to Iron a Wool Suit

Step 1

Make sure the iron is on the wool setting.

Step 2

Add steam heat to the iron. Since wool is made out of protein, strong heat can destroy the fabric, so it's important to steam iron wool.

Step 3

Iron the inside of the suit not the outside. This will prevent surface shine.

Step 4

To be extra safe, use a pressing cloth when ironing the suit. Put the pressing cloth -- which can be a handkerchief or cotton cloth -- on top of the wool suit and iron the pressing cloth over the wool suit.


  • If ironing your wool suit results in surface shine, you can put white vinegar on a sponge and sponge the area of the suit with surface shine.
  • Steam iron is the recommended iron to use when ironing wool.
  • For ironing collars and lapels, you can use a tailor's ham.
  • For ironing seams, you can use a seam roll.
  • For spots on your suit that are difficult to iron, use a point presser.