How to Fix Colors That Bleed on a Swimming Suit

Clothes can be completely ruined if the colors bleed. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Clothes with bright colors should always be washed alone, and bathing suits should even be handwashed to ensure no bleeding occurs. The material of bathing suits, along with the amount of chlorine in pools, and the bright colors normally used for bathing suits add to the potential of the colors fading or bleeding. To remove previous stains from the suit bleeding, or to avoid future bleeding, always wash the garment alone and try a few steps before you wash your bathing suit to prevent the bleeding.

Ammonia and Dish Detergent

Mix water, ammonia and dish detergent in a spray bottle.

Spray the bathing suit with the mixture until the garment is saturated. (If the whole suit is stained, soak the bathing suit in a bucket with the mixture in step 1. Do this for 20 minutes.)

Brush the bathing suit with the toothbrush. Brush vigorously, but gently, over the areas that have bled. Wash the suit as you normally would.

Alternate Methods

Add green tea to HOT water in large bucket. Soak the bathing suit for 15 minutes.

Sprinkle table salt on the dye stain. Allow the salt to stand on the suit for 15 minutes.

Wash the bathing suit by hand in a sink. Gently run it under warm water until the water runs clear. Hang dry.