Getting Packing Wrinkles Out of Under Armour Shirts

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When you order an Under Armour shirt it typically ships directly to your home. While the direct shipping option is ideal, the wrinkles that come along with the shirt are not. The reason for excessive wrinkles is not the shirt itself, but the way it was packed. During shipping, the box may shift and flop around causing more wrinkles on the shirt. Thankfully, removing the wrinkles is a simple feat that can be done quickly and easily.

Hang Up the Shirt

Hang the garment up immediately once it arrives, if you are able. The longer the shirt sits in the packed position, the harder it is to smooth the wrinkles. The hangers should have a wide top handle. Avoid placing the shirt onto wire hangers because they will only cause the shirt to have small bumps in the shoulder area.

Shower-Steam the Wrinkles

Move the hanger to a bathroom and hang it just outside the shower area. Turn on the hot water in the shower and close the bathroom door. The moisture and humidity from the steam will help smooth out the wrinkles. Wait 15 minutes and turn the shower off. While the shirt is still soaked with steam, wet your hands and gently smooth the wrinkles out.

Steam Out the Wrinkles

Use a steamer to remove the wrinkles. Similar to the shower, a professional steamer converts hot water to steam and is forced onto the shirt. This method works well if the wrinkles are set into the fabric. Set the steamer temperature to high and wait for it to heat up. Most steamers are heated when steam begins to spit from the wand. Hold the steamer wand five to seven inches from the shirt and slowly move the steam over the fabric. Continue steaming until the wrinkles are removed.

Wash the Shirt

Toss the shirt into the washing machine and set the washer to "Normal" with "Cold water." Allow the washer to run the cycle with the shirt and no other clothing items. Remove the shirt from the washer and lay flat to dry. Avoid hanging a wet Under Armour shirt, as this may cause the shirt to stretch.

Iron the Wrinkles

Iron the shirt once it finishes drying, if the garment does not have a do not iron symbol on the care instructions. Smooth the shirt onto an ironing board. Set the iron to medium-heat and place a thin towel or cloth over the shirt. Glide the iron over the towel or thin cloth. The towel or thin cloth will provide a protection barrier between the heat and the Under Armour shirt.