How to Fix a Folded Shirt Collar

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Oftentimes, a seemingly permanent crease is created in the wrong place in a shirt collar, or one side of the collar flips up at the tip. When this happens, the collar needs fixing. While you can take the shirt to the dry-cleaners, it is possible to get the same results when washing and ironing the shirt at home.

Button the shirt, turn it inside out and flip up the collar. Set your washer to a cold, gentle cycle. The agitation of a normal or fast cycle pulls at the shirt's fibers and invites stretching. Add the shirt to the water and include a mild detergent. Take out the shirt and place it in the dryer when finished.

Tumble-dry for 10 minutes. Remove the shirt from the dryer and place it on a hanger. Fix the collar so that it is straight. Straighten out any bent stays and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands. Keep the shirt buttoned and let it dry overnight.

Plug in the iron and select the proper setting. Add water to a cup and slowly pour it into the steam hole. Wait five minutes until it's hot. Undo the buttons and place the shirt facing you on an ironing board.

Hold the starch spray eight inches away from the collar and spray. Let the starch absorb into the fabric for two minutes. Flip the collar upward so that the inside is facing you. Stretch the collar taut. Place the iron on the inside left part of the collar and smooth out the fabric around to the inside of the right side.

Turn the shirt over. Slide the shirt onto the ironing board with the collar hanging downward away from you. Place the iron on the collar's left side and carefully move the shirt toward you as you continue smoothing out the collar around to the right. Add a burst of steam to any stubborn wrinkles or creases.

Slide the shirt off the ironing board. Lay the shirt on a flat surface. Button the collar to the shirt, if it is a button-down style. Fold down the collar and gently press along the seam using your hands. Adjust the collar points so that they lie flat.