Travelpro Suit Carrier Instructions

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Travelpro luggage was designed by a pilot in the 1980s, and is the creator of the modern luggage trolley case, according to the Travelpro website. For business travel, the Travelpro suit or garment carrier is ideal. This piece of luggage can keep a pressed suit free from wrinkles, and ready for next day business, and is very durable in design. Properly placing your garments into the suit carrier will ensure your suit stays freshly pressed, and wrinkle-free.

Travelpro Suit Carrier

Depending on the model of Travelpro suit carrier, or garment bag that you've purchased, the mechanics of zippers and pocket placement will vary slightly. However, placing garments in the suit carrier is a universal process.

Open the suit carrier completely. The suit carrier is designed to fold and button or zip shut, forming a small bag that can easily be used as a carry-on item when flying. After you've unzipped the carrier, locate the hangers or "wally" clamps that will be at the top of the carrier for you to hang your suits on. Generally, you will have room for about three suits and a jacket, unless you've purchased an executive deluxe suit carrier, which may hold one or two more suits.

Place the pressed suit inside the carrier and lay it down flat, then attach the hanger to the wally clamp. Fill the remaining pockets with any items that you wish to bring along such as ties, toiletry kit, or other items, then ensure that you button and zip all the pockets shut.

After you've loaded your carrier, fold it back into the carry-on position, then button and zip it shut. If you have a trolley model, you can use this feature to roll the carrier through the airport, or bus station, for greater convenience. While in your hotel room, you can unfold the carrier, and hang it up on a rod by using the hanger feature on certain models of Travelpro suit carriers.

To clean the suit carrier, use a solution of 50-50 alcohol and water, then use a soft cloth and rub the material until the blemish is removed. All current lines of Travelpro luggage are coated with Duraguard, which helps to protect against water damage and stains. The solution of alcohol and water is safe to use on this coated material.