Krups 880 Instructions

by Tamara Runzel ; Updated September 28, 2017

Use your Krups 880 to brew a cup of espresso.

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Wake yourself up in the morning with a cup of espresso using the Krups 880, which allows you to make one or two cups at the same time. If you bought your espresso maker used or misplaced your instructions, you can quickly get back to brewing.


Step 1

Lift the lid on the top of the espresso machine. Lift the water tank from the back, fill it with fresh water and put it back. Press the tank down firmly enough that the valve at the bottom opens. Make sure the water tank is full each time you brew an espresso.

Step 2

Set the pump switch on the top to the black circle and turn on the machine.

Step 3

Flip the pump switch to the picture of a cup. Wait until a small amount of water flows out the nozzle, signaling the boiler is full. Flip the switch back to the black circle. The machine has reached the necessary temperature when the yellow light on the top goes out.

Step 4

Place your cups under the filter holder. Flip the pump switch to the picture of a cup to preheat them with boiling water. Flip the switch back when the cups are full.

Step 5

Turn the filter holder to the left and remove it from the machine. Put the appropriate filter, for one or two espressos, into the holder. Fill it with the appropriate amount of ground coffee. Press the coffee down with the measuring spoon and brush any coffee off the edge. Put the filter holder back on the machine and turn it to the right to lock it in.

Step 6

Empty the boiling water from your cups and place them back under the filter holder.

Step 7

Push the pump switch to the picture of a cup to brew your espresso. Flip it back when the cups are full.

Froth Milk

Step 1

Attach the cappuccino accessory to the end of the steam nozzle.

Step 2

Pour milk into a chilled container that fits under the steam nozzle. Make sure there is room for the milk to expand.

Step 3

Flip the pump switch to the picture of the cup. Wait until a small amount of water flows out the nozzle and the yellow light goes out, indicating the boiler is full.

Step 4

Place an empty container under the steam nozzle. Turn the steam tap on the right of the machine to the “Max” position. Turn the steam tap back to the off position once steam appears.

Step 5

Place the container of milk under the steam nozzle with the nozzle in the milk, but don't let the nozzle touch the bottom of the container. Turn the steam tap slowly to “Max.” Turn the tap back to the off position when you have the desired amount of froth.

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