Back to Basics Cocoa Latte Machine Instructions

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The Back-to-Basics Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker allows you to craft all of your favorite cafe-style beverages from the comfort of your home kitchen -- no need to worry about waiting in cafe lines or tipping the baristas. The design of the Cocoa-Latte Hot Drink Maker ensures a consistently delicious beverage every time. Choose from a variety of ingredients including hot coca powder, coffee or tea blends to produce a variety of uniquely-flavored drinks for yourself, friends and family.

Remove all parts of the machine from their packaging. Wash the container, dispensing spout and lid with soapy water and dry completely before using the Cocoa-Latte machine for the first time.

Fill the mixing container with 32 oz. of milk or water for four 8-oz. servings. See the product Instruction Manual for an alternate serving size chart.

Add 8 tbsp. of the desired mix to the container. Instant cocoa, coffee or tea mixes are recommended. Add any additional flavoring syrups if you wish. Completely cover the mixing container and pour spout with the lid.

Turn on the machine. The Cocoa-Latte machine will begin to heat and mix your beverage. The machine comes equipped with a "Perfect Temperature" feature and will shut off once the beverage is piping hot. A 32 oz. serving takes 6 to 8 minutes to fully heat, although you may override the machine by switching it off.

Place a cup under the dispensing spout. Press the "Froth/Dispense" switch to start dispensing your beverage. As it fills your cup, a foamy head will top your beverage. Press the "Cancel" switch when you are done dispensing.

Turn the machine off once you have finished dispensing the beverage. The machine does not turn off by itself. Wash and dry the components once the machine has cooled.