Estro Vapore Espresso Machine Specs

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There's nothing quite like a cup of good tasting espresso coffee. The Estro Vapore Espresso machine, sometimes called the Barista, makes coffee similar to that which is sold in coffee shops. Coffee from this espresso machine is strong and rich in flavor, while also frothy and creamy. It brews the coffee, foams the milk, and steams the milk to make customized delicious coffee drinks in the comfort of your home and in a matter of minutes.


It's black and white and quite easy to use. The Estro Vapore Espresso Machine, although currently discontinued, can occasionally be bought online from special coffee retailers or from second hand shops. This espresso machine is able to brew a cup of espresso with frothy milk on top. Using the different milk foaming and milk steaming techniques, the user of this machine can learn to make lattes, cappuccinos and espressos quite easily. The machine doesn't differ much from typical espresso machines: it has a portafilter handle and filter, which holds the ground coffee, a steam wand and steam knob for manually foaming and steaming the milk.


The way this machine is used depends on what type of drink is to be made. For a latte or cappuccino, the milk needs to be foamed since frothy milk is the main component in these drinks. First, plug in the machine and fill the water reservoir with water placing the water intake tube into it. Turn on the machine and let it warm up. Foam the milk if making a latte or cappuccino by pouring it into the included frothing pitcher and placing the steaming wand into it. Turn the steaming knob and press the steaming button, a loud sound will come out signaling that the milk is being foamed and steamed. The steamed milk will have a frothy top layer which is the foam. Then, brew the espresso by pressing the brew switch. Mix drinks as desired depending on the type of drink you are making.


Use a good kind of espresso coffee when brewing espresso using the Estro Vapore Espresso Machine. Although all types of milk can be used, 2% milk works best. The machine is sold by Starbucks as stated in a New York Times article, and customers are often confused with the instructions. Currently, the machine is discontinued except for a few remaining models, originally sold at $249 years ago in 1996 when they were widely available. The Estro Vapore Espresso Machine got good reviews saying that the espresso coffee it made was delicious and frothy.

Machine Specs

The original Estro Vapore Espresso Machine is white and black but some models were made in black and silver. Each machine comes equipped with a 20 ounce stainless steel milk frothing pitcher, the coffee portafilter and a cleaning tool for the brew head. It is smaller and lighter compared to other espresso machines. According to reviews, the older the machine the better it works. Newer versions of the Estro Vapore made after 1995 are called the Starbucks Barista. Both newer and older models were made in Italy. The Estro Vapore itself weighs 17 pounds and goes over 23 pounds when filled with water to the maximum, which is 3 liters. The machine is made of stainless steel and plastic and measures 8.27 inches by 10.24 inches by 12.6 inches. Additional replacement parts can be ordered by calling the Starbucks hot-line.