How to Make Loose Tea in a Coffee Pot

The traditional way of brewing loose tea is with a tea ball. The tea is placed in the ball, and the ball is placed into a pot of hot water. It is left to steep for a few minutes and then taken out. Steeping the tea in a coffee maker is a similar process, but because the hot water passes through the tea leaves faster, the leaves don't get as much of a chance to steep and bring out the full flavor of the tea. You can compensate for this by adding a few more tea leaves.

Put a coffee filter in the basket part of the coffee pot.

Fill the water reservoir with the appropriate amount of water for the number of cups of tea you want.

Add the tea leaves to the basket in the coffee pot. Use 1 tbsp. of loose tea for every 8 oz. of water. One cup in the coffee reservoir is equal to 8 oz. of water.

Turn on the coffee pot and wait for it to finish brewing.