How to Do an Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Coffee Body Wrap

Close-up of coffee beans

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Cellulite can harm your looks and self-esteem. It forms when fats and toxins accumulate under the surface of your skin. While some medical treatments can control this problem, they are often expensive.

In a study conducted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Instituto de Dermatologia Rubem Azulay in Brazil, a topical application of 7-percent caffeine solution caused a significant reduction on thigh and hip circumference. A topical application of ground coffee may help the skin absorb antioxidants, which remove toxins and improve the appearance of cellulite.


Pour the coffee beans in the plastic bowl.

Add enough boiling water to cover the coffee beans, and let them sit for 20 minutes so they can soften.

Strain the coffee beans using the colander.

Roll the plastic wrap around your hips, butt and thighs and secure with the scotch tape.

Leave the coffee wrap on your skin for half an hour to allow the coffee's properties to absorb onto your skin.


Take a shower as usual.

Rub the coffee beans on your butt, hip and thigh area. By massaging the coffee product into the affected areas, the fatty tissue begins to break down, blood flow is increased and exfoliation occurs. This three-pronged approach is critical to removing toxins, states

Rinse off and pat dry. Repeat this treatment twice a week to control your cellulite.