Is It Possible to Tighten the Eye Area With Coffee?

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For night owls, early birds and busy bees, beverage-of-choice coffee keeps their eyes open. For those who want brighter complexions, coffee makes an equally eye-opening skincare regimen. Spreading warm, wet coffee grounds across the face, soaking in the sludge for 30 seconds and rinsing with warm water can briefly banish baggy under eyes. Coffee’s caffeine temporarily tightens skin while its antioxidants battle signs of aging to reveal firmer skin.

Temporary Tightener

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Credit tighter skin to coffee’s dose of caffeine, which contains anti-inflammatory properties. The stimulant acts as a vasoconstrictor that deflates blood vessels to reduce swelling, redness and puffiness. The energy-jolting ingredient is also a diuretic, which draws liquid from the skin to shrink cell size for a tightened appearance. The face-firming results are not permanent; caffeine-induced dehydration only temporarily shrinks fat cells. Java’s antioxidants can help fight free radicals and tighten skin by reducing fine lines and bagginess. Whether you drink it or use the grounds in their raw form, be sure not to go overboard -- dousing your skin with caffeine can cause dehydration and the adverse effects of dryness and wrinkles.