Platinum Gifts for Men

by Siva Stephens ; Updated September 28, 2017

A platinum fountain pen is an elegant gift for a man.

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If you want to give a man a gift that will make a lasting impression, give him a gift made of platinum. Platinum is much more precious than gold; it is strong, beautiful and doesn't tarnish. The silver-colored metal is nearly pure and will not trigger the skin irritation caused by the nickel mixed in with other jewelry metals. Platinum metal is dense and durable; it will not chip, warp or crack. A discerning man will deeply appreciate the gift of platinum.


Platinum is one of the most sought-after metals for jewelry. Since it is silvery-white it doesn't affect the color of precious stones, and it is strong enough to be worked very thin without breaking. Give him a platinum signet ring, cuff links or a heavy chain bracelet or necklace. If he wears a pocket watch, get him a platinum watch chain -- perhaps with a matching fob.


A fountain pen is an elegant gift, but a platinum fountain pen makes an even stronger statement. Give him a pen that is trimmed in platinum, one that is platinum-plated or a pen with an assortment of platinum nibs. Platinum fountain pens are carried by most reputable jewelers, but they can sometimes be found in higher-end office supply stores. If he's not the fountain pen type, get him a platinum ballpoint or roller-ball pen.


Platinum watches are beautiful enough for special occasions but tough enough to stand up to everyday wear. Buy him a sleek platinum watch with a thin mesh band to wear with suits and formal wear or a chunky watch for work and play. It should have a strap made of heavy platinum links or thick leather. If he is a very refined gentleman, give him an heirloom-quality platinum pocket watch. These come in many styles, will last for generations and can be engraved especially for him.


If the recipient is a collector or an investor, give him platinum coins or bullion. If there is a coin shop in your area, stop in and ask questions or look online for precious metals exchanges. There are platinum versions of well-known coins like the American Eagle dollar or the Canadian Maple Leaf or you can buy the 1-ounce bars that are the standard in precious metals trading.

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