How to Show Your Boyfriend You Miss Him When He Is Far Away

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You don't have to say the words "I miss you" to let your boyfriend know he's on your mind. Although he'll love hearing those words, showing your feelings with actions will have an impact that's sure to strengthen your relationship and ease the loneliness you both may feel. Every day offers new opportunities for you to demonstrate to your beloved that you miss his presence in your life.

Step 1

Set aside time each day to talk to your boyfriend on the phone or over the Internet. Time is more valuable than money to many people, and the fact that you are giving up the opportunity to watch the latest episode of your favorite television show will mean as much as the words you speak.

Step 2

Send him an old-fashioned letter. Grab some stationery and let him know what's been going on while you've been apart. Include a funny anecdote about the dog that you forgot to mention over the phone. Tell him you miss his barbecuing skills and share with him how you burned a rib-eye over the weekend. For fun, include a picture of yourself standing sadly beside the charred meat.

Step 3

Mail him a care package that contains his favorite treats. Include goodies that remind him of you, such as a batch of homemade cookies or a postcard you've kissed with lipsticked lips. Tuck in a photo of the two of you together to let him know you can't wait to you see him again.

Step 4

Tell him you miss him. When you're telling him about your escapades with mutual friends, let him know that the outing wasn't the same without him. You could say something like, "And when everyone suggested going to see that new romance film, I felt like I was in a parallel universe because you weren't around to make fun of it."

Step 5

Send a random text now and then that doesn't require a response. Simply texting "I miss you" or "xoxo" can bring a smile to his face without interrupting him. Psychotherapist and "Psychology Today" columnist Barton Goldsmith notes that texting can give the impression you're spending time with someone when you're unable to connect face to face.

Step 6

Email links to news stories, comic strips and other content you think he'd like. When applicable, relate the articles to your life together. For example, if you send him a link to a funny cat photo, let him know that your cat Snickers has missed biting his feet lately.