Cute & Easy Things to Draw for Your Boyfriend

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Instead of writing your boyfriend's name over and over again in your notebook, channel that romantic energy into a creative endeavor. The next time you give him a card or note, add some drawings. He'll be impressed by your artistic skills and touched that you took the time to draw him something. Avoid anything too girly or obvious, like flowers or happy faces. Focus on his personality instead; find out what he's interested in and draw a quick doodle.

Love Doodles

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There's a better way to show your affection than covering a piece of paper in hundreds of clichéd red hearts. If your boyfriend is an outdoorsy or romantic guy, draw him a rose. Roses are just a series of overlapping petals made up of simple shapes. With a little practice, you can achieve a realistic-looking rose in a short period of time. Irish symbols, like the claddagh, are simple to draw. Candles, sunsets and clasped hands are romantic images that are made up of simple lines you can draw in a few minutes.

His Favorite Things

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Every guy has specific interests and favorite things. Draw his guitar or basketball and he'll be flattered you paid that much attention and surprised you know him so well. Focus on one specific aspect and draw it. For example, if he loves to surf, draw his surfboard. If he's into cars, draw an outline of his car or even just the symbol of his favorite manufacturer. Break down activities like camping or traveling into simple images like campfires or airplanes.

Decorative Song Lyrics

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Music plays an important role in many relationships. Print off the lyrics of "your" song or lyrics from a concert you both attended. If your boyfriend has a favorite song or band, write out the lyrics with a calligraphy pen or marker. Decorate these lyrics with the band's logo and music notes in the margins. If it's a song that reminds you of a vacation you took together, draw shells or palm trees. If it's a song about his hometown, draw the skyline of his city, a simple outline of buildings. You can frame the finished piece and give it to him as a gift.

His Pets

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Draw the faces of the pets your boyfriend loves. Whether it's a dog or a snake, animals are generally made up of a series of circular shapes you can easily sketch. If that seems too complicated, focus on one aspect. A dog's paw prints or name tag are just as meaningful as a full sketch. Take some artistic license and draw cartoons instead of realistic images. This simplifies the drawing and cuts down on the amount of time it will take to complete.