How to Make a Slipknot Jumpsuit

You can make your own Slipknot jumpsuit by purchasing a painter's jumpsuit and dying it the correct color. By adding some patches related to some of the themes seen in the Slipknot world, you can create the look of this very popular heavy metal band. By adding your own personal touch, you can look like a rock star, but with your own bit of flair.

Buy a painter's jumpsuit. There are disposable coveralls available that are inexpensive and are usually white in color. They are made of a very light, breathable fabric and you can get them online or at paint store in your area. Another option is to buy a Dickie's brand painter's coverall. This is a more expensive, but higher-quality jumpsuit made of cotton made for professional painters. They are also available online at the official Dickie's website.

Dye the jumpsuit dark gray or black. The Slipknot jumpsuits are dark in color, almost black, and can vary to a degree. They have some that are black and others that are a dark, charcoal gray, so dye it whatever color you wish within this range. Place the jumpsuit into the sink and add black dye. The amount of time you leave it in the dye will dictate the depth of color.

Attach patches to sleeves the jumpsuit. Slipknot has used different styles of jumpsuits on different tours that relate to the theme of the album. Place "666" patches on the sleeves of the jumpsuit as well as official Slipknot patches that are available at music apparel stores online. The goat symbol from the Iowa album would make a great sleeve patch for your jumpsuit. A bar code UPC symbol patch would also be good as this is one of their identifying symbols.

Create an arm band for the jumpsuit. Slipknot has been known to wear red arm bands with their symbol on them, which is the tribal S. You can create a stencil by using card stock, a razor and a picture to trace the symbol out. then, simply spray paint it onto a red piece of fabric to create an arm band for your jumpsuit.

Place patches on the breast-pocket area. Most of the more recent Slipknot jumpsuits have symbols in this area raging from the tribal-S logo to the Iowa-style goat. Be creative and add a bar code to this area, but keep it simple to not clutter the front of the jumpsuit.