How to Dress Reggae With the Clothes in Your Closet

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Reggae is a genre of music that was created in Jamaica in the 1960s. The most well-known reggae artist is Bob Marley. The clothing worn by those who enjoy this type of music is sometimes known as reggae or Rastafarian style, which is oriented around African culture. The flag of Ethiopia combines the conquering lion of Judah, symbol of the Ethiopian monarchy, with green, yellow, and red, which are now known as the pan-African colors. The colors are prevalent in clothing representative of reggae and Rastafarian cultures.

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Locate a pair of jeans with obvious wear such as rips or tears in an acid-washed color. Jeans of this nature are common and will fit within your reggae theme. You don't want anything too dark or dressy-looking.

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Locate any item in your closet that may have red, yellow and green together in one garment. If you do not have one garment with all the colors, it is OK to layer items such as a tank with a T-shirt or a cardigan.

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Find any T-shirt or article of clothing with Bob Marley's image. Novelty T's are common in reggae fashions.

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Search for any accessories you own in red, yellow, green or black and combine them if necessary.

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Find a wool hat in the theme colors of red, yellow, green and black. If you don't own such a hat, perhaps you can use headbands or scarves braided together to use as a belt or be worn around your neck in concert with one another.