How to Cheer Up a Broken Heart

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A broken heart can feel like your heart has literally been ripped into pieces, but there is no physical injury. Instead, you feel emotional pain that seems to now be a permanent part of you are. Cheering up your broken heart can help you grieve while you leave your sadness and despair behind.

Admit to yourself that the relationship is over. While you know you have endured a breakup, you may not realize that it is actually done. Think of why the relationship ended, the bad feelings you experienced and how you will benefit from being without this person.

Allow yourself to experience sadness. According to Beyond Blue, time for grief allows you to begin to move past your ex. Cry, listen to sad songs, look at pictures and write down your feelings.

Engage in activities and occupy your mind. Idle time can lead to lingering on the breakup, and delay progress to cheer up your heart. Try exercising, play sports with your friends, going to a comedy movie or other social events that you enjoy.

List positive traits about yourself that you believe and your ex stated. Knowing your good qualities can help you see that you were not to blame for the breakup, and that it is possible to find love again. According to the Oprah website, these traits were always a part of you, and did not come into being just because you were in love.

Meet new people and start dating again. A mended heart will allow you to experience new friendships and possibly a new love. Remember your positive traits, stay confident and focus on the future instead of the past.