Proper Etiquette for a Graduation Announcement Email

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Graduating is an honor and serious accomplishment, whether it's from high school or college. Share your accomplishment with loved ones by sending announcements. Announcements simply announce the event and do not serve as invitations to the graduation or associated parties. Announcement cards are considered more proper than email announcements; however, emailing announcements is acceptable if you follow certain etiquette guidelines.

Information to Include

Design an announcement on your computer to email to friends and family to announce your graduation. Include pictures that tell the story of your achievement, along with the details of your accomplishment. List the school that you're graduation from, the date of the ceremony and any special honors or awards you'll be receiving. The announcement is not the same thing as an invitation, so send a separate invitation if you are inviting the recipient to the ceremony or a celebratory party.

Time frame

Send out your graduation announcements as soon as possible. Six to eight weeks before the graduation is proper if the announcement will be followed by an invitation. If you aren't inviting the recipient to your graduation or party, send it out four to six weeks in advance.

Other Considerations

Hand-written or printed announcements are preferred and considered more proper than email, especially by older people. It might be better to print out your announcement and mail it to older relatives because they may not have computers or email accounts, or may feel disrespected by receiving an announcement through email.

If you are set on using technology to spread word of your achievement, consider building or creating a Web page dedicated to showcasing your journey. Include pictures, stories and an interactive area for friends and family to post their own memories and stories or respond to your posts.