How to Make a Greek Toga for a Child

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Making a Greek toga for your child is fast and relatively easy. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can make this at home and save money on expensive, store-bought costumes. Becoming Athena or Poseidon may be your child's wish, but this doesn't have to zap your wallet like one of Zeus' lightning bolts. Taking advantage of pre-hemmed sheets and curtain ties can help even the most creatively-challenged mom become a costume hero.

Assembling your toga

Have your child put on the white shirt and shorts.

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Wrap the sheet horizontally around your child's body and use the safety pin to pin it in place. Then throw the remaining fabric over one shoulder. Wrap any excess fabric around the waist and pin, tucking in the tail.

Tie the gold curtain tie or ribbon around the child's waist as a belt.

Add a golden leaf crown or even a flower garland as a finishing touch.