How to Wear a Stetson Hat

The symbol of a true cowboy is not just his bravado, but what he wears on his head. A Stetson hat signifies not only a hero and a leader, but also a cowboy with class. All of these traits are enhanced by the way the hat is worn.

Take off your Stetson hat as etiquette dictates. It is improper to wear a hat indoors and downright disrespectful to fail to take off the hat briefly to salute a lady. Hats are also removed in mourning, during prayer, and in the presence of a superior or respected person. When standing still with the hat off, it should be held by the crown at the chest.

Use a different hat for different occasions. Felt hats of dark colors are worn at night and for special occasions. Straw Stetson hats are worn during outdoor work. Some wear white Stetsons at summer events, especially at night. Darker hats are also worn more during the winter, while lighter colors are reserved for the summer.

Wear your hat on top of your head, either pulled down over the eyes or put back. Don't wear it slanted on the left or right of the head.

Put on and take off your Stetson hat using the brim--not the crown. Lift it off your head by holding the front and back parts of the brim. Handling the crown will only deform the hat.