What Kind of Shoes Go Well With Cream Dresses?

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wearing the color cream leaves you open to a myriad of shoe-shade options. Pair cream with a fellow neutral, slip on a soft-hued shoe, or be brave and rock a bold shade; because of cream's neutral status and quiet demeanor, it tends to blend in well with a myriad of color choices.

Neutral Zone

The easiest way to coordinate a cream dress is to mix it with another neutral. In general, it's best to keep your shoe equal to or darker than the dress; so a beige, nude or gray shoe is likely your best neutral choice. If you choose a shoe that's much darker than your frock, try to anchor the vast difference in shade by throwing in another bold-colored accessory, like a sleek bag or scarf.

Luxurious Looks

Reach for a shoe in a rich hue to complement your cream-colored dress. Deep orange shades click with the yellow in cream, while mustard yellow brings a golden glow to your look. Reds with warm undertones, such as auburn and maroon, look romantic when paired with cream. For a luxe-vintage vibe, go with olive green. These looks work particularly well during the fall and winter season, especially especially when done in a suede pump or bootie.

Soft Touch

During the spring and summer months, pastels can pack a pretty punch when worn with cream. Try a pair of pumps in blush pink or mint green shoes for an unexpected splash of color that won't overwhelm. Pale purple hues, like lilac, also brighten a cream dress without overpowering it.

Metallic Maven

With its yellow tint and warm undertone, cream creates a cool contrast when paired with metallic shades. Try copper, bronze, pewter or gold footwear for an understated effect that plays to the warmth of your dress. This look is particularly striking in a high-heeled strappy style, and instantly glamorizes a delicate cream dress. When accessorizing the rest of your ensemble, don't be afraid to mix metals -- a cream frock is an ideal canvas for combining metallic elements into one chic ensemble.