How to Pack Women's Dresses to Prevent Wrinkles

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Whether you are headed out for a much-deserved vacation or a much-needed business trip, it's essential to pack dresses so that they arrive wrinkle-free. No matter what the fabric, a dress is bound to have crease marks and wrinkles after being in a suitcase for even just a few hours. Pack dresses in a way that helps eliminate unwanted clothing marks, and your dresses will be almost -- or completely -- wrinkle-free upon arrival.

Step 1

Choose dresses that are less wrinkle-prone. Fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle in transit are nylon, Spandex and polyester, followed by wool and rayon. Avoid 100 percent cotton dresses, as these are sure to wrinkle no matter how carefully you arrange them. If you can't live without a cotton frock, choose one in crinkled gauze, ruched jersey or seersucker, which can camouflage fold marks and wrinkles.

Step 2

Roll up a relatively flat dress for wrinkle-free packing. Lay the dress face down on a flat surface. Fold each sleeve backward. Place your hands at the top and the bottom of the dress and fold it in half lengthwise. Roll the dress from the bottom to the top. Make sure to roll it taut and straight, without any bunching in the fabric.

Step 3

To pack a fuller type of dress, cut open a large trash bag to create a sheet of plastic. Place the piece of plastic on a flat surface and put the dress on top. Fold the dress in half so that the side seams are even, and be careful to take the plastic along with it. Notice that the A-line angle will be down one side. Take this and fold it inward to create a rectangle. Fold the dress in half or in thirds, depending on how long it is. The plastic can reduce wrinkles by eliminating the friction between clothing.

Step 4

Place acid-free tissue paper inside dresses that need to keep their shape but cannot be carried on a hanger. Stuff tissue paper into the sleeves, for example, to help them keep their shape and reduce wrinkles.